Frequently Asked Questions

Will they Polarized Lenses help when driving into the sun?

Dear customer: The polarized lenses will help a lot when driving. They could filter most of the glare that hits your windshield when driving into the sun.

Has anyone ever tested whether these traveler sunglasses are really 100% uva and uvb blocked?

100% UV400 rating, protect my eyes. They are the best I have ever bought.

Are these polarizing sunglasses suitable for my 15-year-old son?

It depends on the size of your son's head. I think they'll be good because they fit my little head.

Do the running glasses suitable for golf?

Wonderful quality and vivid colors for choose,can't match the grass anymore.

Are these polarized sunglasses lenses or plastic?

Plastic lenses with mirron coated.

Can you tell me which color mirron lenses works best for outdoor tennis?

I have the polarized sunglasses in jell brown color on the beach,for me ,it's more like crystal orange and I can't like it anymore.

Which sunglasses color is best for sailing?

I prefer the green and white colors.White as clouds,green as sea.

Are these men's polarized sunglasses?

Thank you for your question.EPHIU Sunglasses are not only for men but also for women!Have a good day!

How much is the postage on this item

Thank you for your question. The postage for purchasing ephiu sunglasses is free for acmount over 47!Have a good one!